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You can decide whether you want to obtain your private pilots license for the challenge and fun of it, or whether you want to take it to the next level with your Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine, or even Airline Transport Pilot ratings. When you learn to fly The Danbury Flight Training Way you’ll have the best instructors, the best training airplanes and the best curriculum to make you a safe and professional pilot.
Private Pilot License


  • Miniumum age: 16 to solo and 17 to hold license
  • Medical Exam (Class 3)
  • Written exam, pass mark 70%
  • Total flying time (dual & solo): 40 hours minimum
  • Practical flight Test


Aircraft 30 hours dual – $7,080.00

Aircraft 10 hours solo – $1,660.00
FAA Written Test Fee- $175.00
FAA Medical Exam- $150.00

FAA Check Ride Fee – $450.00

Approximate Cost – $9614.00

Instrument Pilot License


  • Private Pilot License
  • Class 3 Medical Certificate
  • Instrument Written exam, 70% pass
  • 50 hours Pilot in Command X-Country time (VFR or IFR)
  • 40 total hours instrument time, 15 hours instruction
  • Practical Flight Test


Aircraft Instrument Training, 20 hours – $4,600.00
Aircraft Instrument Time, 20 hours w/safety pilot – $4,000.00

Approximate Cost – $8,600.00

Commerical Pilot License


  • 18 years old
  • Class 2 medical.
  • Pass Commercial written exam, 70% pass.
  • 250 Hours total flying time, 10 hours Complex Aircraft time.
  • Private Pilot License


Zero Time to Commercial Airplane (Single Engine Only)

Approximate Cost – $39,800.00

Multi-Engine Add-on

Approximate Cost – $4,900.00

Multi Engine License


  • Minimum Private Pilot License
  • Class 3 Medical Certificate
  • 10 hours Multi Engine Time
  • Practical Flight Test


10 Hours in a Piper Seneca II $3250
10 Hours of Flight Instruction

5 Hours of Ground Instruction $375
Flight Test w/ Examiner $550
 Approximate Cost  $4925


Seaplane License


  • Miniumum Private Pilot’s License
  • Medical Exam (Class 3)
  • Practical flight Test


Up to 8 hours in a Lake LA4-200 (Includes checkride fee) – $3100.00

Accelerated Course Time = 2-3 days

Approximate Cost – $3,100.00

Ultra Beginner’s Flight


A complete 1 hour Familiarization Flight in a Cessna 172. This is an opportunity to actually fly an airplane under the direction of a certified flight instructor and a special post flight review. It’s your opportunity to “come aboard” and experience flying for yourself. Your Fam-Flight will introduce you to the Professional Environment that we offer to make your learning to fly easy, practical and fun.



Taking this flight does NOT commit you to do further training.

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